About us


We are Eva-Maria and Kurt.

We love to travel.

We are looking forward to Berlin, Baltic sea or Chiemsee or any interesting home in Europe.

Florida is always on our list.


                            Eva-Maria & Kurt


A homeexchange is always possible, if the home is free!

We are also open for interesting offers, just try it.

Please look at our wish list by travel.

A longer weekend in Berlin could also be interesting for us.

We are very flexible in our holiday dates for the next years.

We can make an non-synchronous exchange over the whole year.

Our home is equipped with three air-conditions, a tile oven and a winter garden.

That will allow you to stay here every time. Now we have WiFi/Wlan.

Just ask me, if the home is available.

We’ll travel without our children. Only Eva-Maria and Kurt. But as they are now over 30 years, may be they will come again with us? Than we could be four adults. We check this, before we come.

However, our Casa Posa is useable for four persons, so take your friends to Spain (max.4 persons).

We are non-smoker and have no pets.

We are respectable „ee“, that means we take care for your belongings as well as you do.


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WiFi is  now available – Flat rate